Bites & Bubbles, Banfi & Beer... here comes autumn

An outstanding lineup of Unibroue Beers:

First Course Canadian Cheddar Soup Unibroue Ephemer Apple

Second Course:  Grilled Shring Caesar La Fin Du Monde    

Third Course:  BBQ Trois Pistoles Marinated RibsTrois Pistoles  

Fourth Course:  Warm Chocolate Cake Unibroue La Terrible

An outstanding lineup of Banfi Wines:

First Course Canadian Cheddar Soup Unparalleled Rose Cuvee

Second Course:  Grilled Shring Caesar La La Pettegola Vermentino    

Third Course:  BBQ  Marinated Ribs Silver Totem Cabernet Sauvignon

Fourth Course:  Warm Chocolate Cake Rosa Regale, Acqui Sparking Red

It was a fight to the finish that ended up a draw. An outstanding selection of beers by Unibroue PLUS an equally outstanding selection of Banfi wines paired well with four courses of great dishes by Chef Eddie Nickell.  "Front of the house" Partner, Nick Olivieri, kept the conversation going with his witty explaination of each course. I have to mentioned the stuffed bread served with the soup... fabulous! This was my first time at a dinner featuring both beer and wine... it won't be my last. It was a great idea carried out with a sense of precision.

A congenial crowd, at our table,  including 4 lovely ladies and another  couple who are requlars at Bites & Bubbles made me feel like I hit the jackpot when we sat down to begin the festivities. The reception started things off in a grand manner featuring Banfi's Maschio Prosecco sparkling wine and Unibroue's Strawberry Smash cocktail.  From there, things just got better. This was our first time at Bites & Bubbles. It looks like it may become a hangout for Mary and I. A convenient location in the Mills 50 district of Orlando makes Bites & Bubbles a great place to stop and refresh yourself. Maybe you'll stay for dinner.

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